As an information technology manager, there are key business objectives you must address: cost efficiency, user productivity, and technology management. You may be unsure of which information technology solutions will work best for your environment, or maybe you have chosen the direction you wish to take, but do not have the in-house resources or expertise to implement your plans.

LIHQ's consulting services are here to help you. To ensure our customers receive the best solutions, our consultants continuously learn and test new technologies. We maintain partnerships and technical certifications with companies including Microsoft and Intel.

LIHQ's personalized service focuses on your needs in the development of customized technical solutions through four essential steps: Identification, Design, Implementation, and Technology Transfer.


Identification. LIHQ consultants listen to you, learn about your environment, and determine the key business needs of both the end users and the IT staff.


Design. Once needs have been identified, we formulate technology strategies and solutions to meet your current requirements, with built in flexibility for future growth.


Implementation. Leveraging our past experiences and wealth of information, we can integrate seamless solutions into current and new environments, as well as migrate past data to maintain user productivity and protect sensitive corporate information.


Technology Transfer. After implementation, we convey the technical knowledge to your IT staff. We recognize that thorough training is critical to a successful, independent IT infrastructure.

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